Every Adult webmaster wanted to optimizes and monetizes there mobile traffic down to the last click which maximize there revenues on the same amount of traffic and For that we need best monetisation tool. Today we are sharing one the world’s best monetisation tool which effectively works on adult mobile traffic.

About Bitterstrawberry

Website : BitterStrawberry.com

Alexa Rank : 7,000

Payment : Monthly ( net5 )

Payment Option : wire, payoneer, Paxum

Minimum Payout : 150 Euro

BitterStrawberry.com a worldwide adult mobile traffic monetisation platform, which hosts only premium adult offers from over 250 partners. Every new implemented offer is tested on a number of specific user agents, and set up live.

Once a new partner starts to send traffic to an internal URL which he will be provided with, all his traffic is analysed, filtered and redirected to the best matching adult mobile campaign where that specific user is more likely to generate a sale.

The traffic is analysed and filtered by a large number of values, ranging from Connectivity, Country, Mobile Carrier, Device, IP Range and more. Due to the fact that we have also Revenue Share campaigns, we encourage new affiliates to send as much traffic as possible at first, so that they can reach a good eCPM.

In short words, BitterStrawberry is the meeting point between good traffic and premium adult mobile offers.

Bitterstrawberry FAQ

Q? How much money a user can Earn?
A. The potential is endless. It depends fully on you and the quality of the traffic user send!

Q? How to earn money?
A. By PPS and Rev Share. On PPS you can earn up to 10 € and on rev share up to 60%.

Q? What’s the difference between PPS and RevShare ?
A. PPS means pay per sale and user will get fixed one-time commission for every user sale. With PPS user will not get ongoing payouts from any rebills or recurring subscriptions generated from that sign up. with RevShare user will get a secure commission every time a user is billed, for the entire duration of the contract.

Q? What is minimum payout?
A. For Payoneer and Paxum the minimum payout 100 € earned.

Q? When do I get paid?
A. Payouts are made monthly, NET15.

Q? What are payment options?
A. There are wire, paxum and payoneer. If you have other requirements, you can contact your Account manager.

Bitter strawberry adult affiliate programs

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