What is Url Shortening Service and what are it’s Benefit

URL shortening is a technique in which a page url may be made fundamentally shorter in length but point still to the required page.

  • 1) Length shortening: Many URLs are large in length, take more space on websites and hence are not easy to share via emails or other means where there is a limitation on the number of characters to be shared. URL shortening mechanism solves this issue. Additionally some URL shortener websites also provide facility to share the links through social media directly.

Give your own example like this:
Lengthy URL: https://www.adultwebmasterxxx.com/url-shortner-sites-moneylinks-buy-sell-traffic/
Shortened URL: http://67e72e2d.linkbucks.com
Shortened URL: https://adf.ly/32904/webmasterguide
Shortened URL: http://sh.st/iUXu

  • 2) Most of the URL shortner websites also provide features to analyze the number of URL hits and visits. This can be of great help for webmasters to analyze the performance of their URLs.

Scope of Earning From Adult Content sites

In present scenario coverage of internet going bigger, better and wider. This means more connection more visitors create more money. With in 5 years around 100 million more users will get connected to internet world wide. Present research and survey says, 45 to 60 percent users visit porn sites frequently. There is a big scope of making money through Adult sites.

How Shorten url site works – As Money Making links

Get paid from Every Hit, when a visitor visit your money link you get paid. Money links are those links which are generated through url shortener Service provider < linkbucks, Adf.ly, Shorte.st, Pornearn >. On an Average : $1 to $3 for every 1000 visitor that you brings to your moneylink.

Why Url shortening Sites will pay you :

Because you are Generating the traffic to your moneylinks, They are displaying advertiser ads in your Money links. Basically there are two types of advertisements they provide.

  • Interstitial/Intermission Advertisements : These are full page ads which appear between pages and have the visitor’s full attention for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Top Banner : also known as Leaderboard Banner Advertising. These are Banner Ads of different sizes. Visitor destination page is iframed in moneylinks page and banner ads displayed may appear on top or left side as per your choice.

How to earn through Shorten url websites

Making money with shorten url sites is very simple and easy. There are Three main methods.

  • Simple way is by creating Shorten url one by one and then share those moneylinks in your website or other medium such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, vk.com, googleplus, or email.
  • 2nd way is by using website entry script on specific pages, where user will have to visit an advertisement before your page is displayed
  • 3rd method is most popular, in this a full page script can make your websites all links into moneylinks. There are 2 features of this method. first you can include those links to whom you think should be money links or exclude those links which you don’t want to include. Now a days most of the adult webmasters are using this technique to generate extra revenue.

Top Moneylink Making sites

Rank Website Content Payout Payment By Visit
1. Linkbucks.com Adult $10 Instant Paypal,Payoneer
2. Pornearn.com Adult $5 Monthly Paypal
3. Adf.ly Non Adult $5 Monthly Paypal,Payoneer
4. Shorte.st Non Adult $5 Monthly Paypal,Payoneer

Linkbucks Publisher rates for Adult webmaster

Linkbucks Accept both kind of websites Adult and Non Adult. Usually Non Adult publisher Earning Rate are higher than Adult publisher. but adult webmaster have higher traffic volume.
linkbucks Adult publisher rate

PornEarn Publisher rates for Adult webmaster

pornearn shorten url for adult traffic

Source : Top Url Shortener Websites To Earn Money Scam Free

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