Legit Affiliate Advertising Networks For Adult webmaster. The Simple Difference between normal advertising and Affiliate advertising networks is in the payment option. Affiliate Advertising networks will not pay you on CPC (cost per click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Mile) basis. Instead, they will pay you on CPA (Cost Per Action) or CPL (cost per lead) basis.

Types of Affiliate Programs

Usually There are Two types of Affiliate program

  1. Pay Per Signup : Get paid upto 300$ per Signup. This is also Called as Pay Per Sale and it’s one time payment and No Recurring income
  2. Life Time Revenue Share: Earn 25% to 60% of all initial & recurring revenue from memberships sold!

All following mentioned Affiliate networks offer you lifetime revenue share option too.
Choose your affiliate Network wisely which create better connection with your website niche and that will help you to monetize your adult traffic more efficiently.

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